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A Salute To Teachers & Military Members From Transition Realty

Teacher & Military Appreciation

Over 3.2 million teachers and 1.3 military members are currently enriching, supporting, and protecting American lives. Their service ranges beyond education and defense, into an ongoing quest to defend and emplace the nation’s fundaments. Every year, almost 4 million young Americans graduate from High School, a feat for which our dedicated educators are to thank. The military protects the sanctity of American values and the lives of those they embody — the people, whose gratitude Transition Realty wishes to help express.

As we recognize Teacher Appreciation Week and Military Appreciation Month, it is worth looking back on all the reasons America loves its educators and protectors, and all the ways in which they must be celebrated. 

The History And Significance Of Military Appreciation Month

The Military Appreciation Month seeks to raise awareness on the sacrifices, loyalty, and tireless efforts our country’s servicemen and servicewomen provide our nation. It celebrates every military branch, honoring every member from the foot soldier to the army general. During this month, it is crucial to shine a light on the initiatives created to assist military personnel in the transition into civilian life. The relentless support of the families of servicemen and servicewomen must also be highlighted to create better systems of rewarding their efforts. 

The Military Appreciation Month saw the light in 1999, a congress decision the US has applied in May of every year since with a special proclamation from the United States President transmitted live on television. During this proclamation, the president reminds the people of the military’s diverse contributions in all areas of our lives. The US’s Second World War Victory in Europe is celebrated during this month, on Friday, May 8th.

The Public Service Recognition Week, during which all schools are encouraged to preach a message of gratitude for our military’s service, occurs from May 3rd to May 9th. Memorial Day (May 25th) is the last single-day event of the Military Appreciation Month. All Americans are encouraged to observe a minute of silence, irrespective of where they are, at 3 pm local time.

Transition Realty honors the sacrifice of military members and recognizes our brave servicemen and servicewomen for the pride and safety they have provided our nation, with a $10,000 discount on our services. 



The History And Significance Of Teacher Appreciation Week

The Teacher Appreciation Week centers around one special day voted by Congress to celebrate our nation’s teachers. From kindergarten teachers to university professors, our educators dedicate their entire professional lives to enriching our country’s young minds. Teachers provide the American people with the knowledge required to navigate in our society and improve it; therefore, they are to thank for every brilliant mind that shaped our country. During appreciation week, schools encourage students to send letters of appreciation to their favorite teachers and write about how their chosen educator has supported them.

The National Teacher Appreciation Day falls on the first Tuesday of the first full week of May. As established supporters of our teaching force, Transition Realty has developed solutions for our educators in need of quality housing on a tight budget. This year, however, we are willing to go a little further by offering teachers and military members a 25% rebate when they buy or sell a property. 



Why We Are Thankful

According to a nationwide survey, teachers and military personnel are the occupations most beneficial to society at large. The balance of our everyday life is infinitely bound to the daily contributions of teachers, servicemen, and women.

Teachers work endlessly to make our world a little brighter every day. All accomplished engineers, scientists, medical doctors, political leaders, business owners, influential artists (and many more) have a teacher to thank for introducing them to the knowledge and skills they have grown to value. Without teachers, millions of American parents wouldn’t have the support system education provides to instruct and help raise their children.

The US army is older than the country it protects — their contribution to American lives, past and present, spans centuries. Americans can rest easy, knowing that they are on some of the safest soil on earth, because over a million men and women have signed on to serve to the best of their abilities to protect us from foreign threats and defend our human rights.

At Transition Realty, we believe that the top societal contributors deserve nothing less than the high quality, accessible solutions we offer. We have adjusted our services to ensure every client’s situation is taken into consideration, from the challenges of finding housing on a teacher’s salary, to finding your way when moving to a new state after your service. 

If you’re looking for consideration and respect for your service, packaged in accessible rates offering quality housing, contact us today.


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