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20 Resources For People Relocating to Minneapolis / St. Paul

relocating to Minneapolis

Relocating to Minneapolis could be considered a feeling of cruel kindness. The excitement of moving to a beautiful lake country in the summer coupled with the uncertainty of living in Minnesota during the winter.

However, with the right resources in place, you’ll spend less time worrying about relocating to Minnesota and more time adjusting to your new Twin Cities home. Minnesotans are among the friendliest people in the country, and you shouldn’t have trouble making new friends-and-getting comfortable in the heart of the city.

When relocating to Minneapolis, having little things in place can make your move much less stressful. From deciding where to sign up for cable service to identifying a good school for your kids, having essential resources handy can help make your decisions much more manageable.

Here are 20 resources that will help you settle in as soon as possible:

Finding a home in the Twin Cities

Of course, an excellent place to start is finding a place to stay. The Twin Cities have many different properties for you to choose from in your quest towards finding a home. From suburban townhouses to downtown apartments, there’s something that will meet your needs in the Twin Cities.

1. The leading resource you can use to find a home in Minnesota is Transition Realty. This website is a one-stop shop for people looking to buy-or-sell properties in the Twin Cities. The platform makes finding the home of your dreams easy. With photos, virtual tours, a mobile application, and plenty of properties to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Transition Reality.

2. Also, check out the Transition Realty resource pages to access insightful information about real estate trends in the Twin Cities and see six of the best real estate agents in Minnesota.  Buying a single family home?  The team at TR has handpicked these South Metro homes for sale. If you may be wondering just how the Twin Cities compares when it comes to your purchasing power and cost of living in the Twin Cities, here is what you should know.


Resources for getting yourself situated

After finding a home, the next step is to get it connected with the necessary services. From electricity to internet and garbage removal, here are useful resources that will help turn your house into a home.

3. To get electric services, contact Xcel Energy, or call them at (800)-895-4999. They are the state source for electric.

4. If your home uses gas for the heat pump, Center Point Energy will be your source for gas supply. Contact them to inquire about gas connectivity. 800-245-2377.

5. For internet connectivity, two main fiber optic companies serve the Twin Cities. EarthLink provides quality and reliable internet services to most of the Twin Cities, while USI Wireless focuses on the west side of the metro area.  Charter Spectrum also provides internet service to much of the Twin Cities metro.

Minnesota Education

If Minnesota were known for only one thing, it would be a quality education. A considerable chunk of Minnesotans are highly educated professionals. They benefit from quality schools, from preK to college. Here are valuable resources for identifying a Minnesota school for your kids.

6. Check out the Minneapolis public school system to identify the best school district in your area. You can also find school bus information, curricula, and other valuable resources for your children. Our team has also compiled the ultimate list of schools in Lakeville.

7.  If you opt for private schools, check out the top Minnesota Private Schools and what they have to offer.

8. For the best colleges and universities in the state, check out the US News review. There are plenty of quality institutions to choose from for you and your kids.

Taking care of your health

Healthcare services in Minnesota are among the best in the country. Hospitals such as Abbott Northwestern rank among the highest in the nation. To find quality healthcare services, check out the following resources.

9. US News report provides valuable resources for medical centers.

10. The 13 best hospitals within the Twin Cities.

More Residential services

11. For paid TV and cable options, DIRECTV and Dish Network are your best satellite options. They have multiple packages available, including contract and non-contract options.  Charter Spectrum also provides cable service to much of the Twin Cities metro.

12. To sign up for water supply, visit the city’s Public Water Works website (or call 612-673-2418). You can also access and pay your water bills via this site.

13. For garbage disposal and recycling, Waste Management provides the most extensive services in the city.

14. To obtain permits, from parking permits to block party permits, visit the municipal site to apply.

Getting Around Minneapolis / St. Paul

15. You can obtain a license by applying via the local DMV office. On the site, you can also schedule for theoretical and practical driver’s license tests.

16. To get around the Twin Cities by bus and light rail, check out the transit routes and times here.

17. The Twin Cities also have many bike trails you can use to get around the city.


18. Need a place to try out local and foreign cuisine? Check out these restaurant suggestions or check out the best pizza in the Twin Cities.

19. For a taste of the nightlife, Trip Advisor has reviewed some of the best locations to get you started.  We’ve also identified the best happy hour spots in the Twin Cities.

Business and finance

20. Minnesota has a vibrant business community with a booming economy. Check out this resource to find out more about the business community in the Twin Cities.


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