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Can Landscaping Add Value to My Home?

Can Landscaping Add Value To My Home?

Landscaping can add value to your home. The amount that landscaping adds will depend on the curb appeal of your home.  A good looking yard is the most comfortable home improvement that homeowners can do to add value. There is no specific amount that you can be assured landscaping will add to your home. Homeowners should do keep in mind the cost of maintaining the yard after gardening. A well-maintained yard communicates to potential buyers that the house is well-maintained.

Landscaping Best Practices

Get a landscaping plan

Homeowners tend to think that paying a landscaper for a plan is a waste of time. It is not. Getting a sketch for the future yard, especially for DIY projects, can make a huge difference. Landscaping is all about creativity, harmony, and neatness. Everything in the yard has to complement each other for a pleasant ambiance. Also, there are different landscape designs for different homes. A Victorian home needs different landscaping from a modern home. Think of a landscaping plan as a foundation to your home. A good landscaping plan is the corners stone of creating an excellent curb appeal to your home.

Implement the plan in stages

Most of the landscaping plans include several features like a patio, water feature, fireplace, grass, sidewalks, tree planting, weeding, or an outdoor sitting area. It can be easier for you and your finances if you implement the plan in stages. You can start by planting grass and making a sidewalk. Plant some trees for privacy from your neighbors. Add a water feature and further enhance the area by building an outdoor sitting area. Implementing a plan in stages prevents you from being overwhelmed by all the landscaping activities.

Select plants carefully

The trees, flowers, and shrubs you use during landscaping will determine the outlook and maintenance of the yard. Indigenous plants tend to need little care in comparison to exotic plants. It is also vital to find flowers and shrubs that are evergreen. Blossoms that only bloom once can reduce the yards curb appeal when they dry out. All plants and shrubs should have enough space to grow until they are mature. The location of each item in the yard should be in consideration before starting. The overall arrangement should be neat, professional, and trim. Poor placement of plants, flowers, and shrubs can result in a messy yard.

Hire a landscaper

If you know that you lack a green thumb, it is best to hire a landscape. Local landscapers with experience will advise you and assist you in making the right decisions. A landscape artist can create a plan that is beautiful and within your budget. Contrary to popular beliefs, landscape artists are not expensive, and you will get value for your money.   A landscaping artist can also give you tips to save money. For example, homeowners who are making a long term investment can buy young plants at less than $100 and nurture them to maturity. The plants will be worth $1000 or more when they are mature.

Pitfalls to avoid when landscaping

Keep in mind that gardening is about adding curb appeal to your home. You should keep your landscaping activities simple. Intricate landscaping design can turn off potential home buyers. No one wants to buy a home that requires high maintenance. High maintenance translates to higher energy and water bills plus labor. It can be time-consuming when the new homeowner chooses to do the maintenance. Therefore, try to find a balance between beauty and low maintenance. A right mix of indigenous plant and hardy vegetation can lower the overall cost of maintenance.

Another pitfall homeowner falls into is following the latest trends. Trends tend to stay in the market for a short while and go out of style. Create a unique landscape that complements your home and neighbors. A practical scene doesn’t need to have all the latest features. It just needs to look good and well maintained.

Finally, do not spend too much time buying expensive stuff. Let the landscape look as natural as possible. Have green grass, green trees, stones at the path, and welcoming patio or water feature. You can find a local gardener to plant good grass which grows in 1-2 weeks. Ensure the shrubs and trees get a regular trim. Above all, keep the yard clean.


Landscaping is a necessary home improvement to add value to your home. You need to approach your landscaping project with thoughtfulness to be able to attract a higher value from buyers. Landscaping can increase a home’s resell value from 5% or more of its current worth. Homeowners spend roughly 5-10% of the value of the house on landscaping.

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