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How To Sell A House During The Holidays

Sell A Home During The Holidays

Many homeowners hesitate to sell their homes between Halloween and New Year as they believe the holiday season is an off-peak season to sell. During the season, the weather is snowy, temperatures are dangerously low, and the neighbors are feeling festive, hence the belief. However, studies show that homes listed during the season are more likely to sell. Below are the benefits and tips on how to sell a house during the holidays.

Reasons to Sell Your House During the Holidays

Many people spend the holiday season visiting relatives, giving gifts, and sharing turkey. Selling a home is not on top of the holiday season to-do list. Similarly, many buyers don’t want to move their belonging in winter, not to mention that the holidays come with financial constraints. Nevertheless, selling your home during the season has the following benefits.

  • Less competition– many sellers believe the misconceptions about selling a home during winter. For this reason, they take their homes off the market, which increases potential buyers for you. Besides, serious buyers have fewer options, which increases the chances of them checking out your home either online or in person.
  • Highly motivated buyers– in most cases, winter home buyers are unmarried individuals who don’t have kid’s schedules to worry about like the summer and spring buyers. These are people with busy schedules throughout the year and have waited for the holidays with the hope of getting better deals. These buyers don’t allow setbacks such as bad weather, holiday preparation, and short days slow them down. If they like your home, they’ll make an offer and close the deal without hesitation.
  • Tax benefits– some buyers are looking for year-end tax breaks, and nothing does that well than a house listed in November. Such buyers know that buying a home during the holidays helps them deduct the home purchase costs from their taxes.


Tips on How to Sell a House During the Holidays

Want to know how to sell a house from November through January? The first thing you need is to make up your mind that you want to sell. After committing to the challenge, use these tips to ensure your sale goes smoothly.

Minimize the Holiday Decorations

As much as twinkle lights help spread the holiday cheer in your Minnesota home, not everyone shares the same feelings about holiday decorations. Some potential buyers may even find the decorations a turn-off despite your home being in good shape. To avoid driving the buyers away, use minimal, and easy to maintain decorations.

Ensure Your Home and Compound is Clean

One way to increase your chances of selling a house during the holiday seasons is to keep it clean. However, this is not always easy considering the debris, snow, and tracked-in mud that’s excessive during winter. You need to regularly vacuum your house and do it well if you want it to look presentable before potential buyers. Besides, keep the compound clean by trimming the trees, collecting fallen leaves, and ensuring the driveway and sidewalk are free of snow.

Keep it Cozy

Minnesota is chilly during winter, hence the need to heat your home to a comfortable level. Light up the house to counteract the cold weather outside. You can also enhance the festive season feeling by doing some subtle baking. The point is to ensure your home feels warm and comfortable as you walk inside.

Put a Reasonable Price

As you figure how to sell a house during the holidays, you may realize that many buyers are serious and have no time to bargain. As a seller, you also feel motivated and want to sell your house fast. To avoid losing a sale, do thorough research on pricing your home to avoid getting over-ambitious. Also, consider consulting with a reliable real estate agent about the best pricing on your home

Be Available

A home showing is difficult to schedule during the holidays due to many distractions associated with the festivities. As a seller, you need to free your schedule as much as possible to accommodate any potential buyers. It may be hard to show your home during essential days such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, you can arrange with your agent to have potential buyers at a specific time of the day.

Ready to Sell Your Home During the Holidays?

Considering all the above benefits, we hope you find these tips on how to sell a house during the holidays helpful. If you have a lot on your plate during this season and would like assistance listing and selling your home, seek help from reliable real estate agents. Also, consider downloading our Mobile Home Search App and get all the information you need about a property.

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