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Historic Houses For Sale in Minnesota 

Historic Houses In Minnesota

Historic Minnesota Homes

The state of Minnesota offers plenty of exciting real estate options for the history-oriented. Historic homes are a formidable choice for galleries, bed-and-breakfasts, and even remodeled family homes. Not only do they offer the flair of rich cultural heritage, but they also generally come at more affordable — sometimes even bargain — rates. If you’re looking for a historic home in Minnesota, your first course of action should be establishing your budget, and how much remodeling/maintenance/repair work you are willing to do before you can move in, or flip the home. If you aren’t too certain what your criteria are, however, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few historic Minnesota jewels.

Farmington – Daniel F Akin House  

Historic Minnesota Homes For Sale

The Daniel F Akin house is a staple of the area, because of its strong, classic 1850’s architecture and its gorgeous yellow paint. The home will strike you both as tastefully-traditional and timeless, with its cubic structure, bold, carved porch pillars, and stunning entrance decorations. With walls covered in healthy green shrubs, its manicured gardens, and the famous Daniel F Akin sculpture welcoming guests from the veranda, this home can be reimagined as a gorgeous gallery or a luxurious holiday home. With its high ceilings and 24″ thick walls, this home will give you a palace experience in the middle of quiet and sunny Farmington.

Saint Paul – The Maud Hill House 

Historic Minnesota Homes For Sale

Photo credit: Ramsey Hill Association

Located on 475 Portland Avenue, this one of a kind, blue-tinted home is famous for the creative spirit of its most famous inhabitant, Maud Van Cordlandt Taylor. Born in Staten Island from an opulent family, Maud was raised with a taste and eye for the finer things. She moved into the Portland avenue home after divorcing her husband in 1934 and made a picturesque interior designer’s dream out of its spacious, high-ceilinged rooms. This house is a wonderful purchase; if you’re looking for a home you can reimagine into a quaint museum or lodge.

Stillwater – The William Sauntry Mansion

Historic Minnesota Homes For Sale

Photo credit: Sauntry Mansion Bed & Breakfast

With its stunning wooden facade, this queen house home is reminiscent of All-American mid-1900’s architecture. However, it was built decades earlier, in 1881, by lumber pioneer William Sauntry. Sauntry initially aimed for the home to be an American replica of the Alhambra palace in Spain. Since then, its many renovations have made it a symbol of local Suburban architecture. The Sauntry mansion is on the National Registry of Historic Homes, which may account for its significant market value, and the diligence of past owners to maintain the home in its best possible shape.

Hastings – The Day-Lewis Home

Historic Minnesota Homes For Sale

The Day-Lewis house was built in 1860 as the Grecian style revival of an old farmhouse. Since then, little of its facade and structure has been altered to change its “folky,” unpretentious flair. With its huge double-hung windows and pale turquoise coloring, this home will attract and maintain your interest. The home’s construction is said to have taken 7 whole years, according to Hastings town records. While this meant impressive attention to detail at the time, the home was still built several decades before our modern construction standards were established. 20 years ago, extensive renovations were performed to ensure the plumbing and soft rock foundation were up to par to house tenants. However, if you were to purchase this home, you would likely have to make further maintenance and repair investments in the next few years.

Minneapolis – The Wadsworth Williams Tudor Revival 

Historic Minnesota Homes For Sale

If you’re looking for a dwelling that could effortlessly take your breath away, this stunning Mount Curve Avenue home is the option to consider. Designed in 1931 by celebrated architect William Kenyon, this historic home features stunning craftsmanship detailing and a mesmerizing, fantasist exterior. With its medieval-style entry door and copper gutters, this home is made for entertaining guests, ceremonies, and parties. This home can be remodeled into a lodging manor or museum but would be an incredible familial getaway for the history fanatic looking to entertain. The Wadsworth Williams home was designed to let in plenty of natural light, with its vast windows and high ceilings. A staple of its area, this home garners plenty of interest from locals and tourists alike, every year.


A Final Word

Minnesota homes are known for their stylistic consistency and their dedicated maintenance work. Historic Minnesota homes are generally in excellent condition, having seen plenty of maintenance investment in the past few years. However, these homes have also ensured their renovative work does not compromise their facades’ classic designs. If you’re looking for a historic Minnesota home to purchase, you have plenty of available choices; you need only be sure that your chosen house adheres to current construction standards.


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