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COVID-19 Pandemic Resources for Minnesotans

Minnesota Pandemic

COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise. Life is nowhere close to the norm, with some people having to stay at home following the order issued by Governor Tim Walz. Despite these uncertainties, you still need to eat, sleep, keep your business afloat, and survive through this crisis. Since there is no given timeline for when a permanent solution for this crisis will show up, looking for ways to survive through it is essential. Below is a list of common resources that will make surviving the COVID-19 crisis easier if you are a Minnesotan.

Unemployment Resources and Links

Social distancing has led to many people losing their jobs. If your job loss was completely not your fault, you are eligible for unemployment benefits, even if you were self-employed. These benefits will ensure that you can access basic needs during the period that you are jobless. You should consider:

Applying for unemployment benefits online at If you would rather apply via phone, either calls 1-651-296-3644 for the Twin Cities area or 1-877-898-9090 for the Greater Minnesota area.

If you lose your job due to a natural disaster during this COVID-19 crisis, you can qualify for Disaster Unemployment Assistance.

For veterans who have been rendered unemployed by the crisis, consider applying for Unemployment Compensation for ex-service members.

If your reason for unemployment was a large layoff, you are eligible for employment services for laid-off workers. Consider also visiting the Worker Reemployment website for insights on employment, getting financial help, and even training.

For any job loss related to foreign imports, consider applying for Trade Readjustment Allowances.

For help with your job search or any other resources, consider visiting your local Minnesota CareerForce location.

SBA Resources and Links

Coronavirus is also taking a toll on businesses. If you are a business owner, you will need to look for ways your business can remain afloat amidst this crisis. Here is a list of useful links:

You can still continue running your business if you belong to the list of businesses that provide essential services. There are three lists of essential service businesses, including the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) list, the list on the governor’s executive order, and the NAICS code’s list.

If you are still uncertain if you belong to any of these lists of essential services, you can ask for clarification here.

Since the operating costs can shoot up during the COVID 19 crisis, visit this page for insights on tools that can help you find loans and grants.

If you want to know about any tax and regulation changes that will affect your business, consider visiting this page.

For any information on the changes made to the labor and employment policies within the state, consider visiting this page.

To access disaster loans during this time of crisis, visit this website.

Rental Assistance Resources and Links

Meeting your rent, as a business or household, might be tough during this pandemic. Lucky for you, there are a few assistance programs that can help you out. These include:

The Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance should provide assistance to individuals or households through an administrator or help an agency-financed development that is already approved for project-based rental assistance. The fund is meant to be temporary, and it comes in three options; sponsor-based, tenant-based, and project-based rental assistance.

The Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA), which is meant to assist low-income people who are currently living with HIV/AIDS. The fund is meant to make living easier and reduce living expenses.

The Bridges Rental Assistance program, which is aimed at helping low-income individuals with a mental illness as they await common rental subsidies like the Housing Choice Voucher. This fund includes temporary rental assistance payments and can cater to security deposits too. Consider applying if you are eligible.

For insights on the rental assistance programs close to you, visit this page and pick your local area.

What Are Corporations Doing To Aid During The Pandemic?

The crisis has seen a couple of businesses rise up to the occasion to help Minnesotans. While some have joined foundations, others are working on their own to support people in need. These include:

Second Harvest has been trying to raise $5 million with an aim to prepare and distribute emergency food boxes to low-income Minnesotans. It is also using its MealConnect app to ensure that food gets to these people in the community.

The Greater Twin Cities United Way, on the other hand, has been working to raise a COVID-19 fund aimed at providing food and housing services for needy people.

Through a combination of foundations, the Minnesota Council of Foundations has also launched its Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund that is aimed at helping small businesses, residents and nonprofits.

Companies that make face masks and other critical equipment in the fight against COVID-19 have seen an increase in demand for their services. 3M and Medtronic have been working overtime to ensure that they can make mechanical ventilators and respiratory masks available to the health industry.

Popular distilleries such as J Carver Distillery and Vikre Distillery are shifting from making spirits to producing sanitizers for those coming face to close with the virus.

Woodchuck USA, a firm that produces technology-driven wood products, has chosen to reduce the production of its normal product and shifted towards producing face shields to be used in the front line.

How to Keep Yourself Entertained During Handle Shelter in Place

COVID-19 is already making it tough to make ends meets. Worst of all, you need to be at home throughout the coronavirus crisis. It can be boring to shelter in place, especially considering that normal shows, sports leagues, and socializing zones aren’t an option. You can do a lot for entertainment as you help flatten the curve. Consider:

Stocking up on essential food items and toiletries and shopping online whenever possible

Making video calls to friends and family to catch up with them through apps like Skype and Zoom.

Listening to your favorite music and looking for movies to watch online

Playing board games with your loved ones

Following common home work out videos and routines to keep fit

This pandemic is affecting plenty of neighborhoods. With the right information, it will be possible to make it to the other end of it all. Refer to the information above if you need any type of assistance.

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