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Case Study: Eagan Townhome

Case Study

Helping a client find a creative solution to quickly renovate and sell an investment property

Client: Eagan, Minnesota Resident
Location: Vermillion Court, Eagan, MN
At A Glance: 1,400 square-foot townhouse renovation and sale


The client, a Minnesota resident, was looking to sell an investment property within the Burgundy Drive neighborhood of Eagan. Having owned for approximately 10 years as both a resident and a lessor, the move was significant—in part due to the renovation required to prepare a rental townhome for sale. The property needed cosmetic renovation to floors, walls, tile, fixtures, and appliances. This presented a significant challenge given that there was a short timeline between the date the property was vacated by renters and the target sale date.

Solution & Outcome

Transition Realty’s long-standing relationships in the residential real estate rehab industry, coupled with a deep understanding of the Twin Cities real estate marketplace and a proven reputation for creative deal-making, led to a project plan for renovation and property listing that met the client’s criteria and exceeded expectations.
Transition Realty leveraged professionals and suppliers on their preferred vendor list to facilitate a turn-key renovation of the home in an expedition fashion. Renovation activities included:

  • New carpet throughout the home
  • Interior painting
  • New light fixtures
  • New stainless steel appliances
  • Garbage disposal replacement
  • Professional cleaning
  • Replacement of security locks
  • Storm door replacement
  • Patio screen door replacement

Transition Realty negotiated a deal for the sale of the property at the listing price —in only two weeks. The deal allowed the client to celebrate the home sale before another mortgage payment was due. And of equal importance, the renovation of the property itself was of such quality that the new homeowner was pleased to have a move-in ready home.

Quotes & Testimonials


“Our insight into the Minnesota real estate market and knowledge of what it takes to prepare a home for a quick sale allowed us to meet the outcomes the client was seeking.”

Steve Lehmeyer, Transition Realty

“Transition Realty took the time to understand what I was trying to accomplish and developed a custom, turn-key, plan to achieve the goal. They exceeded expectations.”

J. Johnson, Real Estate Client


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