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The Best Mobile Apps for a Home Search in Minnesota

Home Search in Minnesota

Here are the best apps to use for your home search in Minnesota while using a smartphone or tablet device

The latest generation of potential house buyers no longer rely on the more traditional methods – searching the classifieds, roaming through neighborhoods or speaking with friends and family – when trying to conduct a home search in Minnesota. Instead, they prefer to avail themselves of the latest technological advances especially when it comes to ones that they can use on a smartphone, tablet or other connected device. With that thought in mind, here is a quick rundown on the more notable apps – most of them are freely available – for use right now when conducting a home search in Minnesota:


This app combines an easy-to-use home search capability – multiple criteria can be sorted – with a chat function that facilitates the collaboration between two or more parties,. In short, it is one of the easiest apps to use and aims to significantly streamline the home-hunting process with innovative search tools. As usual, the Homespotter app lets you sort properties by functional type, square footage, price range and numbers of bedrooms or bathrooms. One of the app’s other hallmarks, is that it puts the user in almost immediate touch with a real estate agent who can schedule a showing and answer questions about the relevant property.

To get your home search in Minnesota started now, add the Homespotter app to your phone here for free. You will see the same real-time information that our Transition Realty agents see.

With listings that update every 15 minutes, the developers of this app claim to show more homes for sale than any other allowing the buyer to find a number of nearby properties that they would otherwise miss. The app is activated by taking a picture of a “For Sale” sign or swiping it though the Android Wear smartwatch app. Once online, a variety of filters can be used to narrow down the listings by such criteria as city, zip code, neighborhood, price, square footage or the number of beds and baths. The listing will also include other information about price, recent sales, school districts and more. Finally, the app will support Google’s Chromecast. This means that buyer can stream open house and apartment info to their TV while sitting in the comfort of their current home.

Whether you are looking for a single or multi-family home, a condominium or town home or just an apartment, the app will provide you with thousands of local relevant listings in just a few short seconds. It will also allow a buyer to sort the results by price, neighborhood, and school district to name just a few criteria. The app provides a number of additional tools that can inform you of the foreclosure status of the property – from REO, HUD and others – or the projected monthly payment. Every listing also includes a number of pictures of the property as well as its most notable statistics. If you find one that is to your liking, the app allows you to easily share it with the other decision makers via text message, email or social media.


For a start, Zillow’s Zestimate app not only provides an owner or buyer with the approximate market price of a property but also its rental value. In somewhat of a twist, Zillow is renowned for having rated over 110 million homes in the United States – not just the ones for sale. This feature allows a buyer or seller to compare the property actually on the market with others in the neighborhood – a very powerful tool. Zillow is customizable and allows a user to search by such criteria as property type, numbers of bedrooms or bathrooms, price, neighborhood and geographical region. The included social media tools are quite robust. Renters are also accommodated as they can include a renter profile to hep them reach potentially helpful landlords or real estate agents.


This particular app takes a more visual approach to home selling. In fact, it includes more photos and 3D video tours than any other online real estate site. Finding the property is a cinch as Trulia provides an interactive map that will get you there in no time. Along the way, you will be able to access information about the proximity of everything from schools and shops to medical facilities. In addition, the user can search for homes – single and multi family – to town homes and apartments. Narrow your search with location, features, size and price. Then share your favorite property finds with family members or other decision makers on any number of social media sites. The app also sports an open-house scheduler, a mortgage calculator, voice control and chat platform.