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5 Tips To Enhance Curb Appeal

Enhance curb appeal

As real estate experts, we know that curb appeal can make a lot of difference when it comes to selling or purchasing a home. When your lawn and the home exterior make an appealing first impression, everyone would want to go inside, even potential customers. However, whether staying or selling a home, everyone wants a house that looks impeccable from the curb; your home is your kingdom and your castle. Not only that, but it also tells a lot about your values and tastes. Therefore, you should strive to make the first impression count.

Specific exterior projects such as siding, new paint, and trim are crucial, landscaping and refurbishing the driveways are more involved and require an expert, there are numerous things you can do to improve your exterior in only one day or a couple of days.

Check out the following five easy ways to increase curb appeal and freshen your home’s exterior:

1. Front Door First Impression

As the primary spot of your house curb appeal, the front area is an ambassador of your home. One of the easiest ways to add curb appeal to the front door is by adding a pizzaz to make a welcoming feel. You can also replace your door if it is old, it can make a lot of difference, but this might be costly; instead, you can paint the door with a color that marries well with the décor of your home’s exterior. For the best results, ensure the color of the door contrasts with the façade of your house.

Alternatively, you can hang a wreath or house numbers. Ensure your front area is illuminated. Good lighting is not only necessary for safety but also to add more appeal to the surrounding. Finally, add some touch of nature with a potted plant or two.

2. Mailbox Makeover

A mailbox can also create a lasting impression. Using a scuffed box can have a significant effect on the curb appeal. The mailbox should be welcoming enough: to do this, clear any surrounding weeds and replace the mailbox if it’s old so that it complements with the exterior setting. You can also wrap the box with ornamental grasses or flowering garden.

3. Curb Appeal Camouflage

You can paint things such as piping, wires, and electrical boxes to make them invincible or less noticeable.

Another way to beautify the surrounding HVAC equipment is by using natural plants. Many types of evergreen types will cover the equipment all year round. Other great options include solid fencing or adding garden trellis.

4. Front Yard Flower Power

Add some colorful flower gardens to your front yard. Put the flowers along the walkways, around the corners, driveways and in front of your home to enhance curb appeal. Incorporating fragrant flowers such as jasmine, lilac, sweet pea, and herbs is an excellent way of adding some extra charm.

When making a new bed, make sure to choose features that will act as a frame to your house and not an obstruction. Note that with a front yard flower garden, landscaping becomes more comfortable because you will be doing less edging and mowing.

5. Window Box Enhancement

A window box can be very charming. Window boxes are lovely, and they are the simplest way to give your house an interesting curb appeal, and with less effort. A homeowner can create a cottage look by using painted wood boxes or can go for a more traditional look by adding iron or copper.

With the above amazing tips, you too can enhance your home’s exterior curb appeal. Choose any of the suggestions or incorporate all of the above as per your taste and preferences.


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